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Vallejo Liquid Watercolor 33250 Crimson (32ml)

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The range of Designers Liquid Colors consists of 50 highly concentrated, radiant watercolors of exceptional brilliance and intensity.
Mixtures: The colors do not contain pigments, they are formulated with dyes, they do not settle and they mix with one another with spectacular results, blending immediately. Colors can be diluted with water and painting tools can be cleaned with water, or with water and soap.
Brushes, Pens, Drawing Pens and Airbrushes: Designers Liquid colors can be used with all drawing instruments like any other ink.
Airbrushing: Liquid watercolors are perfect for airbrush techniques, since they are completely water soluble and do not contain any additives which may obstruct the valves of this tool. They will work as well in precision airbrush painting of miniature details as in industrial work such as painting large backdrops for window displays or stage sets.
Retouching of photographs: The transparency of Designers Liquid Color makes it the ideal product for retouching photographs, coloring perspectives and architectural or industrial plans and in general any drawing where background lines should not be obscured. When used with watercolor brushes, color can be extended rapidly without leaving brush-marks.
Surfaces: All absorbent surfaces provide excellent results, especially quality watercolor paper, cardboard, canvas, wood, polyester and paper coated with photographic emulsions.
Permanence: The colors are especially recommended for all graphic work intended for reproduction. They have been formulated with the most light resistant dyes, but should not be exposed to direct sunlight or fluorescent light for any long period, since dyes do not have the same degree of permanence as pigments.
Mixing with other materials: Designers Liquid Color can be used to tint a wide range of products, all water based paints such as acrylics and gouaches, or papier maché, wood paste and other absorbent sculpting materials. Beautiful transparencies and glazes are achieved by mixing Designers Liquid Color with Acrylic Mediums or Acrylic Gels.
Superwhite: Ref. 823 has been formulated especially to increase the viscosity and opacity of Liquid Watercolor and is used to give the colors a paler, velvety look. Superwhite is a high viscosity paint, and should be massively diluted with water when used in an airbrush.
Education: Schools widely use Liquid Watercolor to teach the principles of color. The colors are so pure that they blend together immediately, and the mixing of primary colors produces secondary colors in a instant (Primary colors 160-270-440).
Packaging: In 32 ml. bottles with eyedropper. Larger sizes are available on special order. Liquid Mask: This product forms a protective film on the area not to be painted. Once the colors are dry, Liquid Mask is rubbed off with an eraser to reveal the unpainted surface. Ref. 28851 in 32 ml. and Ref. 28850 in 85 ml. bottles.
Airbrush Cleaner: For a more thorough cleaning of the Airbrush, Ref.71099 in 85 ml and Ref. 71199 in 200 ml. bottles.
Brush Restorer: Products which cleans and restores fine watercolor brushes. Ref.28890 in 85 ml.

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