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Vallejo Mecha Color 69013 Titan Blue (17ml)

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Mecha Color, a range of acrylic airbrush colors, has been designed especially for painting Robots, Gundam, Transformer and action figures. The innovative formulation of the colors, although water-based, guarantees a maximum resistance to manipulation, impacts, friction, scratches and overall extreme wear. Once dry, the color appears the same as the injected plastic color, respecting all the kit’s surface details.
Mecha Color: The colors of the range have been carefully selected to provide the modeler with the shades most frequently used for painting all kinds of Mecha figures. The colors can be mixed with one another and diluted with Airbrush Thinner or Flow Improver. The range includes a series of metallic and fluorescent colors, weathering effects and auxiliary products such as primers, thinners, chipping Medium and varnishes.
Safety/Toxicity: Mecha Color has the following international safety certificate ASTM D-4236. This independent certification guarante that no harmful substances are used which could pose a risk to the health of both the user and the environment.
Surfaces: Mecha Colors have exceptional adherence on all surfaces, and has been tested on resin, plastics, steel and white metal The colors can be used directly, without the need for a primer. In case of a dark surface, a first application of primer will increase the luminosity of the finish.
How to use: Shake well before using. Pour the paint directly into the airbrush, either undiluted or previously diluted with Thinner. The colors are self-leveling, dry rapidly, and permit immediate application of weathering effects, 24 hours after application maximum resistance is achieved. Mecha Color can also be applied with a brush to highlight small details.
Mecha Primer: The Mecha Primers are waterbased and self-leveling and dry rapidly to a satin finish of extraordinary strength, so that the painting process can continue immediately. The primers are perfect for preparing surfaces of resin, plastic, brass or white metal, and can be mixed with one another or diluted with Airbrush Thinner or Flow Improver.
Mecha Weathering: A range of waterbased acrylics, consisting of washes, dirt and engine effects and rust textures, ideal for the creation of dirt and wear on all kinds of robots.
Washes: Very fluid transparent colors, for use both with brush as well as airbrush. The washes flow into the smallest details, are perfect for the enhancing of panel lines, rivets, bolts and screws, and provide volume with shadow and contrast to the model. The washes dry in approximately 20 minutes, although it is recommended to allow for 40 minutes intervals between the application of various layers. It is recommended to remove excess Wash with a brush moistened with Thinner to avoid the formation of edges which might appear while drying.
Weathering Oil Stains (69.813): These are applied by traces, spattering or dripping to create the oil stains of the robot engine. The shiny dark brown color gives a realistic finish.
Weathering Petrol Spills (69.817): The product has a blue-black finish, perfect for the splatters of heavy lubricant.
Weathering Fuel Stains (69.814): Shiny red brown fluid to reproduce fuel stains.
Weathering Brown Engine Soot (69.818): A mat brown color which reproduces accumulated dirt and remnants of lubricant and dust.
Weathering Rust Texture (69.821): A dark brown mat color to reproduce the rough dry look of rusted metal.
Varnishes: The varnishes have been formulated especially for airbrushing. Drying is very fast. Varnishes can be applied directly or diluted with distilled water or Airbrush Thinner. In some cases, a layer of varnish is enough but if more layers are required, an interval of 5 minutes is suggested between each coat. Once protected by the varnish, the colors resist the application of oils, glazes, and even pure turpentine and light washes with alcohol.
Airbrush Thinner: The Airbrush Thinner can give more flexibility to the color without causing a loss of adhesion, opacity and covering properties. The product also helps to delay the drying of paint inside the airbrush mechanism, so that is advisable to add a few drops of Thinner while working. For dilution with Thinner, the recommended proportion is 1 part Thinner to 3 parts paint.
Airbrush Flow Improver: A medium designed to improve the flow and delay the drying of paint on the needle while airbrushing. It is recommended to ad 1 drop of Flow Improver to 5 drops of paint in the cup of the airbrush.
Decal Softener: Decal Softener is a medium which protects the decal and smoothes its edges so that they blend with the surface of the model. Decal Softener also softens the decal to adapt it to surface details such as recessed lines, raised edges, screws or bolts. The amount of Decal Softener coats needed depends on the quality and thickness of the decal. Final varnish can be applied to the Decal if desired.
Chipping Medium: A product which can be used by brush or airbrush to create effects of wear, rubbing and chipping on acrylics.
Airbrush Cleaner: Airbrush Cleaner is the solution for cleaning the airbrush between one color and another. The product quickly removes the remains of the old paint and also lubricates the airbrush without damaging its mechanism. While painting, the tip of the airbrush should be cleaned occasionally with a cloth moistened with cleaner to remove traces of dried color, this will prevent splattering or the clogging of the airbrush. Airbrush cleaner can also be used on the model as a stripper to remove paint or to correct errors in the application of the colors.
Airbrush and compressor: The viscosity of Mecha Color lets you work with airbrushes as small as 0.2 mm without diluting the colors. Environmental conditions can alter the viscosity of the product and cause the need for further dilution. We recommend working with a compressor pressure between PSI 10-15, 0.75-1.10 Bar, (0.5-1 kgs).

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